Introducing Login Locker for WordPress

One of the first new plugins I’ve released publicly in quite some time, although the Upgrade Task Runner is more of a “package” then a plugin.

What is Login Locker?

Disables direct access to your sites /wp-login.php script, plus user notifications based on actions.

Once installed, an encrypted cookie will be set for your current user in the browser. When this cookie is present and valid the next time you need to login, it will grant you access to the login form. When no present the form is removed from the page disabling login access or the ability from script kiddies to attack your login form.

Visiting the wp-login.php page without an authorization cookie.

Login Notifications

When authorized, the plugin will also send you (the user logging in) an email if the previous IP address doesn’t match your current IP address. The email can be designed from the settings page.

For more info, you can visit the official plugin page, or GitHub.