WordPress Plugins

All of my free plugins can be found on my WordPress profile under my user name austyfrosty. For all my Premium plugins please visit frosty.media.

Camera+ Widget Current Version: 0.3.1 [zip]

A widget to showcase your camera+ uploaded photos.

Comment Validation Reloaded Current Version: 0.5 [zip]

Avoid those pesky blank page with an error message like "please fill out required fields" then loosing your/users comment info.

Custom Login Current Version: 3.2.8 [zip]

Custom Login allows you to easily customize your admin login page, works great for client sites!

Eventbrite Shortcode Current Version: 1.1.3 [zip]

A shortcode to output your Eventbrite attendee list.

Featured Image Column Current Version: 0.3.2 [zip]

Adds a column to any post type edit screen with the featured image if it…

Hide and Catch Email Current Version: 0.4 [zip]

Adds a metabox to post/page and allows you to hide the content, and show only…

Unlimited Lists Widget Current Version: 0.1.2 [zip]

A widget to show HTML list elements.

YouTube White Label Shortcode Current Version: 0.3.1 [zip]

A simple shortcode to embed white labeled YouTube videos using the latest iframe HTML5 embed.

WordPress plugins by Austin Passy.