3,000 Miles to a Championship

I went to 5 of the 7 World Series games in 2017, and 3 of 6 in 2020. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to see the Dodgers win their first Championship in 32 years.

Once the world found out there would be fans at the NLCS & World Series, I quickly reserved a house on Airbnb that was a 5 minute walk to the new Rangers stadium (where the series was being hosted). Shortly afterwards I reserved my pod of tickets to games 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Then began to unknown semi planning mode of if this, then this, then that mode. There was always a chance that the Dodgers wouldn’t make it and we would cancel the house reservation and sell our World Series tickets. But we all the confidence and planning was underway.

Jeana and myself decided to make a road trip out of it and drive the 1,500 miles (each way) to Arlington, Texas.

Dodgers Win the National League Championship Series

When the Dodgers won game 7 of the Championship Series, the trip was 100% on!

We quickly started packing and planning the trip. We used Road Trippers to map out our route there an back, choosing the take to northern route I-40 there and the southern I-10 back.

Off to a Bumpy Start

We left the morning of October 22nd and were making great progress. But just before the 58 meets the I-15 in Barstow we came to little traffic jam. It turn out it was not little, and the 15 freeway was completely shut down due to a CHP officer involved shooting. Thanks to Brian Rokos on Twitter for pointing this out. After moved about 100 yards in 45 minutes, I decided to put my WRX to work and took to the shoulder to find the nearest cut-over. Once we were headed South we existed and decided to take a rural back road around the city. In short we ended up offroading for about and hour and a half to avoid a 7 hour delay!

Once we got around the highway closure, it was once again smooth sailing and after 12 hours of driving we ended up in Grants, NM which was about an hour or so shy of our planned destination of Albuquerque, NM.

Crossing into Texas

Thursday was an off day, so Friday we needed to have a destination planned to being to stop and watch the game somewhere. After another long day of driving we stopped in Wichita Falls, TX for the night and found a local sports bar to watch most of the game (before we had to call it a night). Making it this far allowed us to cruise into Arlington, TX in a few short hours and check into out Airbnb.

World Series Games 4 & 5

The weekend was here, and it was amazing to see a new Stadium, the Dodgers play, and our first baseball game in 2020.

While game 4 will go down in history as the oddest endings ever in a World Series game, game 5 was amazing.

On Monday the 26th , there was another off day, which allowed Jeana and myself to visit some of her family which lives in the surrounding areas.

Game 6, World Series Champs

With the Dodgers lead at 3-2 in a best of seven, it would come down to the final two games. I’ll keep repeating this Blake Snell was πŸ”₯ and he had that win. Pulling him was all the Dodgers needed to secure the win.

The rest is history!

I went to 5 of the 7 World Series games in 2017, and 3 of 6 in 2020. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to see the Dodgers win their first Championship in 32 years.

If you’d like to follow my Twitter thread on our World Series Road Trip: https://twitter.com/TheFrosty/status/1319276308388458496?s=20


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