WordPress Upgrade Task Runner v2.2

Today I released version 2.2 of the Upgrade Task Runner, which brings new features.

Back in December I released v2 of my WordPress Upgrade Task Runner. Since then I pushed out a two updates. Version 2.1 was a minor update introducing a WP_CLI command to trigger tasks, with a few point releases to update dependencies with security concerns.

Today I released version 2.2, which brings the “Tested up to” to 5.5 and “Requires at least” to 5.4. Some of the other notable changes include:

  • Tasks should now show if the event was scheduled after clicking “run”.
  • Deprecated or old tasks that are removed from the registration filter (see setup) but still exist in the DB can now be cleaned up automagically with a new internal cleanup task.
  • New role capability checks (filterable) to view the settings page (tasks) and run said tasks are as follows:
    • TheFrosty\WpUpgradeTaskRunner\Upgrade::TAG_VIEW_SETTINGS_PAGE_CAP defaults to list_users
    • TheFrosty\WpUpgradeTaskRunner\Upgrade::TAG_UPGRADE_TASKS_CAP defaults to promote_users
Setting’s page for 2.2 with admin notice to cleanup old tasks.

Grab the latest copy on GitHub and install it today!

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