DIY Hydroponic Grow Box at Home w/ video

2. Measure the width of the inner bin and then cut your PVC pipe to fit. In my bin I found the inner width to be 19″.

I then measured the fittings; the t-joint was 2¾” wide and each end cap was 2¼ wide. With the subtraction of those totals to the total width and adding and eight (times each fitting entrance) I had my inner PVC length.

3. Do a test fit with all the pieces together to make sure you’ve got the correct length and that it will fit nicely into the bin. Note: I found adding some hand lotion to the ends helps test fit the connections without them getting stuck together (I used some mini hotel lotions I had laying around for this).

4. With everything still test fit together, mark your sprinkler head locations and drill your pilot holes and then tap them with the proper thread (usually supplied with your sprinkler head package – or at least listed so you can purchase the correct thread tap). Be sure the t-joint is pointing down.

Photo Update (PVC end-cap and t-joint to sub-pump)

(Optional) This step is not required as the sprinklers create a sort of aeration. But I chose to add in two air-stones and a dual aquarium air-pump to introduce extra oxygen into the bin when the roots reach down and the hydroponics system becomes a deep water culture hydroponic box.

5. Place the air-stone(s) at the bottom. I chose to glue them down and run the tubes up the side. I also drilled a small hole to run the tubes through in the top to allow the bin top to seat tight against the bin when closed. Also note the optional weather stripping around the top.