DIY Hydroponic Grow Box at Home w/ video

6. Place the water pump at the bottom with the screw-in connection cap and measure out your flexible pipe to connect the pump to the PVC sprinkler system.

7. Run the plug out the top (I cut the bin to allow the cable to run up and over to allow the top to seat flush). Notice the optional weather striping.

8. Now that the innards are complete, we need to cut the top to allow the net pots and an (optional) access hatch to add nutrients and additional water.

I chose to flip the net cups upside down and measure the holes equally spaced around the top. Since the top is plastic, it will cut real easy with a sharp utility knife.

After I cut the access hatch, I added some electrical tape to the bottom to re-enforce the swinging hatch.

I then measured around the hatch and ended up with seven holes for pots.


This project is really easy to complete, just be sure to test your pump and sprinkler system before you glue anything. Check for leaks and proper pressure.

I keep about 4 gallons of water in the bin at all times (which is around 2 inches above the top of the pump).

Video: My updated sprinkler system with the red 360º heads in action: Instagram | YouTube

There are two helpful videos on the next page with measuring and making the PVC sprinkler system.