DIY Hydroponic Grow Box at Home w/ video

A lot of time was spent building, capturing and making this post. Some of the links below are affiliates, if you purchase something it may help me.

In my previous post I talked about my new home grow tent. Well, that tent is a little a lot bigger than my current Aerogarden. So I had a two options:

  1. Buy a hydroponic grow box
  2. Make a hydroponic grow box

I am pretty handy, so I chose the latter.

Items Needed to Make a DIY Hydroponic Grow Box

  • Any size dark container bin (with lid). Use a size you’ve got the space for. I went with a 18 gal. dark gray bin from Home Depot.
  • A submersible pump. GPH depends on size of tub, and your PVC sprinkler system. I went with a Hydrofarm 250-GPH Submersible Pump
  • PVC pipe. I purchased ½” width with one t-joint fitting and two end caps. Which is slightly different then I’ve seen done in demo videos on YouTube (also different from initial photos – where my first build was with two L fittings with screw caps). Remember, it’s a DIY Hydroponic Box, and you can build it how every you see fit.
  • Irrigation sprinkler heads. I picked up a 50 pack of red 360ΒΊ micro sprayers on amazon after the 5 pack from Home Depot failed twice on me.
  • The proper drill tap for your sprinkler head.
  • Net cups. Size varies on bin size and number of cups in use. I would suggest the 2 to 3 inch cups for around 6-8 pots per bin.
  • Clay (grow media). Can be found on Amazon or at your local grow shop.
  • Rockwool Cubes or what I found to work better is the Aerogarden grow sponges.
  • Flexible hose to attach pump to PVC sprinkler system (dishwasher hoses work best).

Items Possibly Needed

  • Aquarium Air Pump with hoses, a one way check valve and a air stone.
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Tape measure or a ruler
  • PVC glue
  • Epoxy
  • Closet hanger “shelf” (holds the PVC tubing)

Building your Grow Box

I chose to not build a sprinkler system with the PVC with legs. So the first few steps vary. See this video for a way to build the stand with the sprinkler system.

1. After choosing your storage tub, measure down from the top the distance your PVC pipe with sprinkler heads plus the height of your net pots. This is where we’ll place the closet rod hangers.

I also used a utility knife to scratch up the plastic to get the non-toxic epoxy/non-toxic hot glue to adhere the rod holders. If you’re comfortable you can screw it in, but remember to seal the hole with something as there will be water


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