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Introducing @Anywhere for WordPress: “the plugin”

Ok! Finally after submitting my plugin to the WordPress repository they accepted the “Anywhere” plugin. I’ve submitted plugins before and they were accepted in just a few hours, maybe they’ve been busy in San Fransisco planning WordCamp? I’m not complaining,…

My Custom Login plugin for WordPress

Since WordPress 2.5, I’ve been using a custom login plugin for myself and my clients. It changed the default WordPress login screen. Well after some careful thought I finally decided to release my plugin to the community. While the version…

An Eventbrite Plugin for WordPress

Over the past few weeks, I was trying to devise a way to show the attendee’s from an Eventbrite event. Eventbrite allows you to view your attendees in RSS form. I decided to create a plugin for WordPress to make…

DataBack Up

Good think I use two backup plugins for my site, I tried to install a new plugin, messed everything up! More on that later..

The Big Blue Bird

I am now part of the ever growing and expanding Twitter revolution! So if you are a tweeter, you best head over and join me. I am going to look around for the best Twitter WordPress Plugin.