An Eventbrite Plugin for WordPress

Over the past few weeks, I was trying to devise a way to show the attendee’s from an Eventbrite event. Eventbrite allows you to view your attendees in RSS form.

I decided to create a plugin for WordPress to make things a bit easier, but after a few days of working on it, someone else in the WordPress community created a plugin that was 99% similar to the one I was working on, DARN!

Then I decided to rework the plugin, and make it more specific for this one purpose. Eventbrite Attendees Shortcode does exactly what it says, use a shortcode with your attendee feed to print the list on any page or post within WordPress.

Shortcode example:

[eventbrite-attendees feed="" /]

So download the plugin from the WordPress repository, or leave feedback at the WPCult page.