Spring cleaning WordCamp shirts

Did some t-shirt cleaning today, throughout a huge pile, and gathered up all my various WordCamp shirts. Sadly there are a few of the above that I’ll be getting rid of.

The whole top row is going, unless anyone wants them. Top left is a small WordCamp LA shirt from 2009 (I’ve got my medium still). Next is a WPCult shirt from a camp I sponsored before I sold the site. Third would be Portland from ’08 which I didn’t attend but got shirt from Aaron at the first Vegas WordCamp. Last would be 2011’s Miami camp. Oh, and the 2011 SF shirt bottom right..

All shirts are Mediums and never worn or only a few times.

No longer available

  • Purple 2009 WordCamp LA shirt (small)
  • Blue 2011 WordCamp SF shirt