Photojojo iPhone Lens Wallet with Lenses review

As of October 2015, I’ve put these in a drawer since I updated to the iPhone 6. At the time there was not a case to hold the lenses. I’ve since upgraded to these clip on lenses.

Yesterday, after a two week back-order I finally received my Photojojo iPhone lens wallet with all the accessory lenses. This full kit came with the following:

  • The iPhone lens wallet
  • The fisheye, macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • The iPhone 8x telephoto lens
  • A mini tripod, quick spring clamp connector for the tripod and micro fiber cloth (all part of the telephoto package).

Right of the bat I was excited and started to open all the individual plastic packages and get stuff organized. I wasn’t to hot on the idea of sticking the magnet to the back of my iPhone, but for the time being that’s where it is. Since I’ve got a custom case with a wide opening, it fits. But I might opt for a different case to mount the magnet to in the future.

The Magnet

Each mini lens comes with three magnets, a black, white or chrome plated front to match your iPhones back case.

The Wallet

While all of the lenses have been out for some time, the wallet was just released and really was the driving factor to my purchase. Photojojo also included a bundled package when the wallet was released with a nice discount.

Overall the wallet is pretty decent, but I’ve got a few issues I’d like to address.

Issue #1

Photojojo iPhone lens wallet The brown strap which is meant to clasp the wallet closed feels a little cheap (I think it’s pleather). Now while I don’t expect real leather, the wallet itself is made out of canvas, but it feels really strong and durable.

I’m going to predict that the strap might wear real fast and might tear. Now that’s not my big concern of the strap, in fact I’d be okay with it if it didn’t have such a horrible snap/clasp. I have yet to get it to stay closed. Even when I put a finger behind the female end and push soft/medium/hard it just pops back out. I would have liked to see a higher end clasp or even a magnet latch.

Issue #2

Photojojo iPhone lens wallet magent hoder The center interior has an opening with a magnet backer to hold the small lenses. It has a layer of canvas over it to give is some style. I was intrigued by the idea, but let down in the follow through. The little key chain magnet lens holders each lens came with seems to have a super strong magnet so that the lens won’t get thrown off by accident. But that wallet’s magnet seems to fall short of magnetic power. Is it because of the canvas in front? Maybe they should have inserted a thicker or more powerful magnet then.

I though about taking the wallet with me when I go to Dodger games (it also happens to be blue!) to use on my Dodgers photo blog, but the fact that I gave the wallet a few shakes and a lens fell out I am not so sure. I think I’ll just pocket a lens or two when I know I’ll be using them.


Now in no way am I saying don’t buy the wallet, I’m just letting you know there are some cons, easily fixable cons. But still cons.

So the wallet isn’t travel-able by itself, but a storage wallet at home or in your photo bag, sure!

I will still be using the lenses to take a bit more interesting photos.


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  1. I just got my lenses from photojojo, and I was just wondering if your phone started to overheat after you put the magnet over the lens. Because for some reason my phone gets really hot really fast. And it started the day I put the magnet on.

    • I removed the magnet from the iPhone and put it the case for the zoom lens. But I have not noticed any overheating issues.

      • Putting the magnet on the case for the zoom lens works well???
        I want to buy these lenses but I don’t want to change my phone case for another with enough space for the magnet (I have an Iphone 5)…

        • Works well. I switch the the screw case when I’m taking photos on the go. Usually when I head to Dodger games. You can see those photos on

      • Putting the magnet on the case for the zoom lens works well? I want this lens pack but I don’t want to change my current Iphone case, so maybe this is a nice sollution…?

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