WordCamp SD 2012

I went down to San Diego this past weekend for the second WordCamp since I missed last years. I drove down Friday and got to catch up with some friends at a nice little pizza bar in Downtown, called Basic. Took a few photos, but not nearly as much as John did of peoples eye balls. Thanks.

We ended up at Henry’s Pub for a few drinks before the speaker/sponsor party at Co-Merge. Took a few awesome photos of the speakers baseball jerseys, had a drink and called it a night.


Saturday came fast, and I was holding down the fort at 8am in the Smart room, er, Smart Bar. After nobody showed up for the first hour I took a seat in the dev tracked and remained planted for the rest of the day.

Not going to write much, but will say I enjoyed more than one talk and did get some helpful insight. Great job the the organizers Chris, Luke, Dre & Tony.