HTML walks into a bar and says “hellos”

Over the wet and rainy weekend I compiled a little plugin for WordPress called Hellos Bar. It’s a announcement like plugin using WordPress Custom Post Types.

Adding a post to the CPT hellobar, and activating the plugin in the settings page will insert one random post from the post list in a fixed position at the top of the browser screen. Using jQuery the bar will drop down after about 5 seconds.

I’ve created a demo over at wpWag if you want to see a working copy.


Please take note that I am still testing this plugin, and have a long way to go before it’s where it needs to be. So if you’ve got suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments here or on the plugin page: home/passy/public_html/wordpress-plugins/hellos-bar/.

The Future

This plugin is brand new and has some future planes.

  1. Saved bar position with cookie settings.
  2. Post and page per post ID.
  3. Per post on/off toggle.
  4. ….