1. Great plugin. I love the idea that you are going to add the ability to style the submit button in a future version. hope that comes soon as that is the only thing you can’t style directly in the admin now.

    Also I noticed something else that you should do. the styling I applied to the text inside the login box doesn’t get applied if I go to register or the forgot password actions.

    Styles applied to the text below the login box stay there for all 3 (login, register, forgot password) but the styles to text inside the login box don’t.

  2. David


    Like the plugin and set it up on a private site … Right now it lands registered users on their profile page? Rather than the website home page. Did I goof up? Miss a setting? Something else?

    Thanks …


    1. Custom Login doesn’t handle any redirects, so that would have to come from somewhere else.

  3. Miranda

    Austin, is there any chance that you can do something about

    1. including the lost password page
    2. redirecting after login?

    Your plugin is really great and would be stupendous if you could make it cover those 2 points.

    Thanks in hopeful advance :)

  4. Miranda

    Well, apologies for the comment I just made! You HAVE done the lost password etc. pages! :)

    I still have 2 questions left and then I will be totally happy …how do I get rid of the link to ‘register’ and how do I direct to a page of my choice after login?

    I’m really delighted to have found your plugin as had spent hours trying to manually change the login css :(

    Many thanks!


    1. Disable registration will remove that link from the wp-login.php page. Then create a custom template with the registration functionality.


  5. Great Plugin, thanks

    Just one thing.

    How can I had my footer and top menu on that page?

  6. DAVID Ballard

    Is there an easy way to left justify rather than have it centered?

  7. GG

    I wish you could add fields to the login page with this! Like first name and last name, etc.


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