Clayton Kershaw Sticker Apple MacBook Pro

My custom Clayton Kershaw Sticker I created in photoshop from a Jon SooHoo photograph and printed through Fathead. I've now got a Cy Young pitcher living on my MacBook Pro!

I just bought my first Apple computer, well it’s not my first Apple. That was an original G series back in the ’90’s. But it is my first personal MacBook. I got a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina and I am liking it so far.

The Idea

I’ve seen so many cool custom MacBook stickers around the internet ranging from The Eye of Sauron, Gandalf, Iron Man and so much more. Many of you know I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan and was thinking long and hard of getting a one ring or Frodo sticker. But in the end I wanted to create a custom sticker that no one else had.

The Execution

I got a high-res photo from Dodgers photographer John SooHoo and went to work.

After searching for local shops I ended up sending my custom artwork over to Fathead after I found out they do custom vinyl stickers.

The Sticker sheet

Fathead print

It took two approvals once I submitted my artwork (be sure to check that option even though it adds a few days). But the end results are great and I am pretty satisfied with the print. I am not sure there DPI of the printer, I feel it could be higher but that’s another story.

Final Results

Clayton Kershaw MacBook Sticker

I really love my Clayton Kershaw Sticker! What do you think? Should I sell the sticker template?


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  1. Yes you should! Not enough kershaw covers, I love it. I wanna buy it as a gift. Where can I get it and for how much??

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