Hide and Catch Email

Hide and Catch Email.

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  1. How to increase the length of cookies? For the form to appear only the first time the form is submitted in the case of many posts contain the shortcode [replace] [/ replace].


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  2. hey, I’ve been attempting to adjust your script to go by category instead of having to set each post to true. also to remove the comment area that shows up below. I havent been having much luck, figured i go to the expert. Any thoughts?


    ( i think is would be easy I was trying to use another function to check category and return true is so, then run that function on your $hide variable, what do you think?)

  3. hey i installed your plugin but can not seem to find the setting page link on my admin page. I have activated the plugin but how do I make it start working>>>>

  4. ok another question… when the user presses submit, where is there info sent????

  5. Hi, Austin! Superb plugin!
    Do you have the version where only some text (maybe inside tags [hide]), not the whole page is invisible until the form is completed?

  6. Suggest you use wp_mail instead of the php mail function to make this compatible with the WP SMTP plugin. I changed it and it works.

  7. Hi Austin,
    I am very excited to use your Hide and Catch plugin, as it appears to be the only one of its kind. I want to use it to restrict access to my downloads page to those who have entered an email to subscribe to my email newsletter. However, I’d like to edit the form a little bit, because I don’t need the comments area (they won’t be commenting on anything, so I think they’ll be annoyed by mandatory commenting), and for that matter I’d rather not have the name be mandatory either- I’d like to just have the email mandatory. How can I edit the comment form? I don’t have code writing experience.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi!

    I’ve installed the plugin and inserted it on a page (website above(, but when the user fills the form, the data are not sent to my e-mail. The user can see the hidden content, but the email never comes.

    Can you help me?

    (We’ve changed a little bit the form inputs and the e-mail address, but no the mail function. It hasn’t worked also if the original code)

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