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  1. Great plugin!

    I have everything looking quite nice with this. I have a question, does anyone know how to change the background color for the top color bar? It’s the area that spans across the very top of the page where the backtoblog link is placed on the login screen, and I just can’t seem to find what rule is defining that bg color to override it in the custom style area of this plugin. I’ve tried using firebug to determine what that color bar might be and I’m at a loss. Thanks!

    • This is a simple one, but fly’s past a lot of people :). It’s actually a body border..

      So apply this css styling:

      body.login {
          border-top-color: #464646;

      Of coarse changing the current color to something else, say red (#ff0000).

      • I still wasn’t able to find how to change this, and the custom CSS code you supplied didn’t work in either the CSS or HTML box… ?

  2. For some reason I am unable to login to the WP admin after installing 0.4.8. It happens once I logout and try to login again.

  3. I downloaded the plugin, but it is not what I look for. Because of the Dontate $1 in the login site.

    But the delete script doesn’t works.

    UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN must be set to a non-blank value in uninstall.php on line 29

    using WordPress 2.9.2.

    • First off, sorry.

      Second, the donate button is only loaded on the default login screen [?]. If you use your own CSS code that doesn’t show. I don’t see why you wouldn’t use your own style any way. Isn’t that the point of this plugin?

      Thirdly, if you read the uninstall script, it says you have to add a value to UNINSTALL_CUSTOM_LOGIN. So you manually have to add any value. Otherwise anyone could access that script and uninstall your plugin, that wouldn’t be cool…

      • ok, do I feel really stupid right now….

        I didn’t had a lot of time at the moment to check it out and I was hurrying I guess… Well since the donate button goes away while I use my own css I will definitely use this plugin..

        And about the uninstall, yes that makes sense….. Now I read it I wonder what I was doing when I was trying the plugin!

        Thanks for the plugin!

  4. i cant uninstall the script ;-/

    after i edit the script, to value x:
    define( ‘UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN’, ‘x’ );

    i get this message during the uninstall:
    Please comment out the UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN define() on line 29 in this file!

    what do u mean with “comment out”

    btw i’m uninstalling cause the plugin didn’t work for me,
    it installs, it loads and activate, i can acces the editting console, but whatever i edit and save, no changes appear on the loginscreen.
    just the default change as comes with script (your edit).
    the script does acknowledge the ‘Save’

    WP 2.9.2

      • hi, ok thanks i see now the changes ,
        after having checked the css checkbox.

        but still then i will need to resolve the uninstall issue.
        i editted the code like this:

        define( ‘UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN’, ‘1’ );

        if ( !defined( ‘UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN’ ) || constant( ‘UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN’ ) == ‘1’ );

        but still i get this message:
        Please comment out the UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN define() on line 29 in this file!

  5. Hi,

    great work, I use it on my site and think it looks great. One question though, at the very top of the screen is a dark bar with a link to the website. Since my whole page is for registered users only I would like to remove this bar but am unable to find the right bit of code. Could someone point me in the right direction.


  6. I was all excited about this plugin, but it seems as though it doesn’t work well with WPMU. When I activate the plugin site wide, it doesn’t allow me to control the look site wide 🙁

    • I haven’t tested it for site wide control. You may have to use for each. But if I can get a MU install to play with I will try and get it working..

  7. Trying to remove your plugin but getting this error… UNINSTALL_CUSTOMLOGIN must be set to a non-blank value in uninstall.php on line 29 .

    Any advice?


  8. …Had a problem uninstalling, just doesn’t work.
    I had to change the ‘ ‘ , (on line 29 of the uninstall.php) to ‘ TRUE ‘.

  9. […] This is more aimed at multi-author blogs an clients for websites more than anything as it allows you to completely and easily customize the look of your wordpress login page aka This is a cool plugin when your running a magazine or have to design a website for a client and would like to add their branding to the login screen. Visit the plugin site at Custom Login. […]

  10. Hi, thanks for your plugin, it’s quite similar of what i was looking for. There are some known bug or major problems with IE7? i’m developing a site and when i test on IE7, it just crashes.

    Thanks for your work.

  11. Register Page. I don’t have problems with Login Page, but when the Register’s Page it’s open with IE7, the browser goes down. Mmm, maybe an incompatibility with ‘Register Plus’ ?

    • Register Plus isn’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress, it hasn’t been updated to comply past version 2.6

  12. Hi Great plugin,

    How would I change the back to website

    I put this in the custom html

    but doesn’t show up

      • At the top of the login page is a “back to website” link that goes back to the login screen as I have restricted access to the site.

        I’m digging into the wp_login.php and solved it by blanking out the default as listed above in some of the examples and inserting my own header. 🙂


  13. Dear Sirs:

    WPMU 2.9.2, BP, Custom Login 0.7.2

    Just upgrade to last Custom Login version, we are using custom css and we dont get how to manage margins of our own image. We need to modify the upper margin and how to reduce the bix and place the image outside of the box.


  14. Dear frosty:

    Could you be more specific with the instrucion.

    We need to modify the upper margin and how to reduce the box and place the image outside of the box.


  15. Thank you for Custom Login Plug-in for WordPress 🙂 Could you please tell me if there’s a way to customize the “Log in” button color and the color of the “Lost your password” link? Thank you!

  16. I really like your plugin. EXCELLENT work. The customization I’ve done for my website login page looks great so far but can you briefly explain to me how to put my own logo in the same place where the old WordPress logo was? It would save me having to figure it out myself. I’m not an expert in CSS yet. ~ Thanks !

    • I think that the WordPress logo is a background CSS image of the H1 tag that’s now hidden. I was thinking of adding that into the next version.

  17. Okay, stupid question here… I don’t see where to specify my header logo.

    I’ve searched the custom_login.php file, the wp-login.php file and other places where i think it should be defined, but can’t find it.

  18. Bro, how to add text color and the big size at Custom HTML. I’m so tired to put html..sorry

  19. Hello,

    In latest version 0.8.2 you are including gravatar.js ver. 1.2, but it is not found in library/js folder. There is no biggie for me as everything I need is working, but it is trowing 404 page error.


  20. hello mr Frosty.

    What a great plugin. I really like it.

    I figured that whenever the activation link was sent to a new user of my blog, the name of the email sent was “WordPress ([email protected])” and the subject of the email is “[My Blog Title] Activate Your Account”‏. Is there any way to change:

    1. “WordPress” to “My Blog Title”
    2. “[My Blog Title] Activate Your Account” to “Activate Your Account on My Blog Title”

    Your help will be so much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I had this same problem bro. Here’s how you fix it in WP 3x:

      On your server go to folder wp-includes then pluggable.php file

      around line 374 you’ll see this code:
      if ( !isset( $from_name ) )
      $from_name = ‘WordPress’;

      change ‘WordPress’ to whatever you want to display as the sender.

  21. Hello, frosty!!
    Great work dude!, i adore your plugin, very full and useful!! 🙂

    I’ve found some minor typos in file ‘custom-plugin.php’ at lines(63,72,128,137) you wrote “defualt” instead of “default”.

    Otherwise, i do have a question/suggestion. Still in the file ‘custom-plugin.php’ you use the hook “plugins_loaded” to setup your plugin. I wonder if you shouldn’t use the hook “login_head” instead, as that’s when your plugin really enters in action to customize the login page.

    I’m proposing that because when using others plugins that rely on the login page (like ‘Maintenance Mode’ by Michael Wöhrer for eg.), your custom login is never loaded to replace the WP’s default login page.

    What do you think?


  22. Hello,
    I’m french, so sorry for my bad english !
    I like your plugin and I would like to translate it in french. But the .pot file doesn’t contain all the texts. There is a lot directly in the admin.php ! So the translate couldn’t be complete via the .mo ! Damage ! Do you intend to incorporate everything in the .pot file ?

  23. So you will publish a new version of the package ? A 0.8.5 version with all the texts in the .pot file for a complete translation ?

  24. I tried uploading images for logo and backgrounds (actually tried uploading when upload was an option) and it did not upload the image and the field remained blank. Any suggestions? Also how do I get rid of the bottom white border?


  25. Ok, scratch my 2 previous comments. I figured it out. It’s an awesome plug-in. Thank you soooo much! New fan of yours.

    One last request. On my sign in page at the top of the page in a 3/4 inch thick gray strip that spans across the page with a link to go to the actual website without even signing in. Which of course defeats the whole purpose of the login. Please help!

    Thanks again!

  26. Hi Frosty!

    After installing and activating custom-login plugin I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /wp-admin/menu.php on line 235

    The version of my PHP is 5.2.12, mySQL: 5.0.91
    Wordpess is updated to: 3.0.1

    I read the README.txt and do what I have to do 🙂 I know this is not your mistake, not your problem but can you point me in some direction what I should do to solve your problem – I really need this cool plugin (for security reason)

  27. Is there a way to do the following:
    1. change the size of the login box – the WP box that is
    2. change the size / shape of the header and perhaps add text to the header
    3. define what appears in the area following below the login box
    4. change the size & color of the the register / forgot password text
    5. past this / specify my own splash page on which this appears?


    • You can do all of the above, simply find the elements in question and edit the CSS in the custom CSS box. And as far as a cutom login/signup screen, just create a custom template with these fields or your own fields to connect to the database.

  28. Thank you for this awesome plugin, but can you help me to install it ??
    Because i tried to put the background URL but nothing happened, What’s wrong with that ??

  29. Thanks for the plugin….Can you help me change to size of the login box? It look to be larger than before….Thanks.

  30. If anyone is having trouble getting their custom HTML to appear, check your special characters — apostrophies kill the whole thing, even using the HTML code ['] took me ages to find out what was happening.

    • Have you figured out how to fix this problem at all? I want to add some custom HTML, but once I start to add some styling it breaks the html code. for example,

      This is some content

      Also have you had issues with this plugin disabling your form field labels, like username, name, and email. My form is just blank with input text fields. Once I disabled the plugin everything went back to normal.

  31. Dear Sirs:

    I’m using Austin Passy Custom login plugin version0.84, everything is running well, except I need to reduce de login form height as on WP original wp-login.

    How I can do this ? What’s the code to enter on the Custom login setup CSS box ?


  32. Hi Frosty, thanks for the plugin, it’s great!

    We’ve costumized the login screen for our blog network, and we’re so proud that we don’t want the unprivileged users can change it for their weblogs in our network.

    Could we do something on the source code to make the “Custom Login” link disappear from Options for non Superadmins??

    We’ve been able to do it with other plugins, but we can’t find where is the option in yours…


  33. Good work, just one suggestion. Move the custom css to be included last in the generated css file. This means the user can overwrite any of the customizations as required. Also you might want to see if entries are empty and remove them from the css generated. I used the plugin just to push my custom css.

  34. Hi Frosty,

    Thanks for the plugin. It’s a lifesaver. I have two questions:

    1. My custom html, for some reason, has stopped showing up after the latest WordPress update (3.1). The text was rendering fine before. Any thoughts?

    2. In your documentation you mention that you can “… check the first box ‘Use your own CSS’ and customize **your** login screen!”. I’m not seeing this checkbox anywhere. Am I missing something? And, if you’ve gotten rid of this option in the plugin’s admin screen, do you have a function handy that we can throw into our functions.php file that will deregister the css?


  35. I was able to change the “Height” of the Login Form but I’m unable to find the elements that would push down the “Username” and “Password” form fields to allow for an image with a height more than 108px:

    /* Diplays the custom graphics for the login screen*/

    #login form {
    height: 200px;

    When you have a chance.

  36. New update has just completely messed up my login screen!! The login form is now too big and cutting the logo?!

    How to change this back??

  37. This plugin ignores my css code. I put in:

    #login form {padding-top: 10px;}

    That makes the adjustment while testing with firebug but it doesn’t change the form at all. I cleared my caches and get no result.

      • This is a great plugin, and very useful. However, I am having trouble with the login form, as it appears others are as well. I try putting in custom css to shrink the size, but it hasnt worked. Are you able to help provide the exact css that will work to reduce the size of the login form?
        Thanks for everything on this.

  38. Can you create a login for just one page? I have a public page for a golf club but I also want a private page for the members.


      • thanks bud i had to fix the css cause it was also ther after removing the other plugin.. thanks heaps tho.. cheers!

  39. Hello,
    I am having problems with my custom login icon. The top portion of the login box is too high. It is cutting off the bottom section of my custom logo. Would it be be possible to push the box down?

  40. Hi there love love you plugin….

    I am having a challenge Changing the color of the Register | Lost your password?
    ← Back to BlogNostics
    I know you have to change the code in css Settings but for the life of me I can’t find where to find id and class elements in question…

    If you could point me in the right direction I would be the happiest camper out here on the www.

    I really want to take that blue overly off.

    thank you

    • I wish he would answer these questions, but he ignores most of them. I think he expects that all his users will be computer programmers. I imagine most of us have no idea where to even find the right code in the case of many of his answers in order to go in and actually CHANGE CODE. Am getting tired of finding my same questions with no answers or with answers that say “find the element.” Yeah, like WHERE?

      • Simply find any element in the HTML, you don’t need to be a programer to click view/source.

        In that case add this to the custom CSS box:

        .login #nav a, .login #backtoblog a {
            color: #color !important;
  41. Following your example on the ? in the plug-in screen, I have tried everything to understand how to use the CSS. I added this single line to the CSS area:

    .login #backtoblog a { color:#990000; text-align:center; !important}

    and it did nothing. Anything else I am supposed to do?

  42. Never Mind.

    My syntax was wrong. I have not used the !important declaration before and I also didn’t know it needed be after each attribute:

    .login #backtoblog a { color:#990000 !important; text-align:center !important;}

        • Kia Ora,
          He means put in in your Custom CSS section:

          The first value (1em) determines the height of the login form (the higher the number, the lower the login form appears on the screen)

          The second value determines the distance from the right margin (a higher number will increase the distance from the right margin)


          Play around with the other two values to get the look and feel you’re after.

  43. When I click on the settings link in the plug-in page, I get a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” error. I’m using 3.2.1. Can you help me? 🙂

  44. hey mate, just a couple of quick questions.
    • I just want to increase the size of the logo (up to around 200px high)
    • And I want to ditch the shadow around the box all together (I tried entering ‘0’ values)
    any help with this would be fantastic,


    • Kia Ora
      The answer to your first question is this code:

      #login form{
      padding-top:200px !important;

      that should achieve the desired effect.

  45. Kia Ora,

    I’d love to have the answer to Corey’s second question if possible:
    “• And I want to ditch the shadow around the box all together (I tried entering ’0′ values)
    any help with this would be fantastic”

    And I’d also love the answer to Ace’s question:
    “If you don’t mind – how do I reach the #login ID, in which of the files is it located?”

    Thank You

  46. Tried this plugin on 3.2.2. Plugin installs fine, but when I click the Settings button, I get a screen that says I don’t have enough permissions.

    FYI, I’m logged in as the Admin.

    Please advise.

    • Number one, there is no 3.2.2. Number two, I’m not sure. Did the plugin activate correctly? How did you install it?

      Make sure that in your wp-content/plugins/ folder there is only one folder for the plugin and not a second. Example:


      If Custom Login is in a folder like custom-login-0.9.5 if won't work.

  47. Getting an error when trying to activate the plugin:

    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare custom_login_url() (previously declared in C:wampwwwbuddypresswp-contentpluginsbm-custom-loginbm-custom-login.php:107) in C:wampwwwbuddypresswp-contentpluginscustom-logincustom-login.php on line 73”

    I had installed it a couple of days ago and then uninstalled for a compatibility test/issue with another plugin, and now I am unable to make it work again. I would like to use your plugin because it allowed me to style the background of the wp-login page.

    Any ideas?

  48. what is the css selector for the logo? I simply need to move the logo up so it’s not partially covered by the login form. adding top margin to #login form does move the logo up but the logo still cuts off at the same point.

    • The answer to the logo being partially covered up problem is to force a height on the h1 and h1 a for the #login. Possibly a ghetto fix, but it works.

      #login h1 {height:130px!important;width:300px!important;}
      #login h1 a {height:130px!important;width:300px!important;}

  49. Really liked the features of your Custom Login plugin! Got it working in less than 2 minutes! However, I’m building a membership site that uses a separate Registration Page with Captcha – is there a way to redirect the Register link on your plugin to the membership registration url?

  50. Why does the original wp login flash on the screen before the custom login?

    How can I call login/logout and registration from a menu/page


  51. Hi! I love the plugin and also your photo is great!

    My issue is: I downloaded my logo, but when I comes to log-in page, it first shows the wordpress logo. After 1-2 seconds later I can see my current logo. How can I fix this issue?


  52. I’ve installed your plugin as I don’t seem to be able to customise login.css with WordPress 3.3. The plug in is working, but I can’t get my image to display. I’ve checked it’s on the site ( and entered the url into the setup (it’s a simple gif – 90 x 90), but it refuses to show up. What am I doing wrong?


  53. Hi,

    Nice plugin, compliments, all is almost runing well, but I have a little problem, when aplying this custom CSS:

    #nav a {
    	color: #333333 important;
            text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #bbb;
    	text-decoration: none;
    	-moz-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    	-webkit-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    	-khtml-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    #nav a:hover {
    	color: #ff0000 !important;
    #backtoblog a { 
            color:#333333 important;
    	text-decoration: none;
            text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #bbb;
    	-moz-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    	-webkit-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    	-khtml-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #1F4606;
    #backtoblog a:hover {
    	color: #ff0000 !important;

    These links (back to blog, and resend password) are BLUE and not #3333333 as specified on the custom CSS

    Any clue?

    Have a nice time

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  55. Is there a way of displaying the register box in a different position to the login box or even better show it on a new page? I have a lot of fields and it would look better if it didn’t scroll down the page when “register” is clicked

  56. Thanks for this great plugin. I always just used it with a white background, but not used a black background. The “back to blog” and “lost password” links have this blue and white shadow, which looks strange. How could I change that in the custom CSS to just a white color without any shadow? Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Same for me.
      I updated the plugun on 3 different blogs, all of them have a white background, that doesn’t change even if I choose different background colors.

  57. I am using this plugin, and have created a logout button for my site. The button works and does log me out and returns me to the custom login screen. The problem that I am having, is that if I then try to login again, instead of taking me to my website like it does the first time, it takes me to the wordpress dashboard. Is there any way to fix this?

    • This has nothing to do with the plugin. But you can create a redirect plugin to handle non administrators to the admin screen..

  58. Hey Austin. I need to have the login and the registration on the same page one next to the other. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help and good luck with the pro version!

  59. Hey man,

    Great plugin ! Is your plugin working with the latest version of WordPress 3.4.1 ? That is what I have and tried to upload my logo, and I get nothing. I also cleared the cache.

    Let me know,

    Thanks again !

  60. First, nice piece of code.

    I was looking for a two part solution.

    1, get rid of the default login screen… This does that nicely.
    No for part 2.

    I am creating a photo album of sorts for the parents and classmates of my daughter. We take lots of pictures of our kids and share them.

    But, the main concern is one of access. Our kids ages range from 1 – 6 yrs old. So, we want everyone to login to access.

    The question is this, is there a way to have this login screen come up as the landing page and then, once the visitor has authenticated, they are given the normal home page.

    something lie this:
    2) user logs in
    3) once user logs in OK, they are given
    4) the user views the galleries.

    So, until they login successfully, they can see anything, not even a menu. Just the login form.

    Anyone know how to do this? I’ve tried looking at a number of places but have not had much luck.


  61. Hi, The plugin works great, but the main concern for me is to how to set the background image size which in my case is like 2200×1500 px and the proble is it is only showing top left not the full image. Tell me where and what to over-write in the css field so that I can achieve this.

  62. How to remove the register portion of the custom plug in?
    Does anyone have tips to comment out the php code to remove the register portion of this plug in?

  63. I just installed your plug in on my site but I can’t seem to get the Logo to replace the Word Press logo.

    I am using the correct image size and it should work because I was able to load the same image on a different website and it worked. Not sure why it will not work on my real site?

    Any suggestions.

  64. Hi,

    Nice Plugin !!
    But the only issue I faced was when I use the login form on different resolution screen (Like for e.g. : Wide Screen & and a normal screen), The Background image which I’ve setup is moving as per the screen size whereas the login window is floating to the center irrespective of the screen size. can anyone help me in how to make the background image floating or align with the login form ?

    Thanks !!

  65. Thanks so much for the plug-in! It’s saved me a great deal of time and aggravation.

    I have one problem now though, I just applied the recent update Version 1.1.0 and now my background image disappeared. I verified it is set in the settings panel, I tried adding custom CSS, but it still gives priority to the CSS setting the background to none.

    Is there something I’m missing? It was working up until the update a few minutes ago.

    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer…the site is supposed to go live in a few short hours and I have no background image. Yikes!

    • I forgot to add the appropriate CSS code. There was an update sent out this morning. It’s fixed in version 1.1.1.

      • Hi Frosty,

        Nice Plugin !!
        But the only issue I faced was when I use the login form on different resolution screen (Like for e.g. : Wide Screen & and a normal screen), The Background image which I’ve setup is moving as per the screen size whereas the login window is floating to the center irrespective of the screen size. can anyone help me in how to make the background image floating or align with the login form ?

        Thanks !!

  66. Love this plugin. When I set this plugin up, I loved how the default style worked. The hover over was pretty neat. I’ve created a custom login page already, and I guess I just have a few questions:

    1) how do I make the login box have transparency
    2) how to I add the hover effect for the login box (much like the default style)
    3) Is there a way to add a header and footer the the page? I want to add a solid blue stripe to the top and bottom of the page, with an image in the middle

  67. Hello!

    Using your great plugin for my site and had a question:

    I need users to access my site from a third party website and have the UN and Password passed from that site to my WP site – thereby requiring no login at my WP site.

    Is it as easy as simply sending a string along with the URL? If so, how should the string be written?

    Or is it more complex and something I don’t (yet) understand?

    Thanks for reading a for any help you can provide. 🙂

  68. Hello, i want to ask u.
    u said that > Comes with a Photoshop template included in the library files (default theme).
    is it only for the pro ver? coz i can’t find it in the library.

    tq 🙂

  69. Hi Austin,

    I am implementing login on a different page than wp-login (e.g. /login)
    Is there any way to tell the Custom Login to work on that alternate page?


  70. HELP.

    I’m trying to make the login page look a little better… a la custom login2.0.

    A) But, when I added the logo – it wouldn’t show up. The image holder was there because when i dragged themouse over it… i could tell.

    B) Then I tried to wrap the box with an image. Worked! BUT, now I can change, or remove the image… UGH (picked a random image and now it looks like crap).

    Anyway.. have customers going on it (just launched) and all are asking me what is going on.


  71. Hi,
    Great plugin!
    One request / question:

    The login form overlaps with an HTML background image which I inserted, using the plugin. I also hid the usual WordPress logo, and I don’t want to insert my own logo (as it is already in the HTML background image).

    Is there a way to push the login box further down on the page, and keep it in the center (horizontally), for example halfway the screen? Is there some CSS code I can use for this with a %? I’m a beginner at CSS, so I’d appreciate concrete lines of code 🙂


  72. I love this Custom Login plugin, however, I have a question. I went threw the recent version, and there still is no area to add the FAVICON on the login page, so I have to maintain that manually in the wp_login.php page. This is fine, however, every WP update, I have to go back through my sites and redo the favicon code.

    When I try to add the code , as soon as I save it, the HTML disappears. I have been doing it manually and had to acquire a different plugin to accomplish this.

    Can this be added to a future release so I can use YOUR plugin alone? Or do you have definite code to insert into the Custom HTML field of the plugin?


  73. Okay, it will not allow me to input the html I add to the login page.

    link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”image_location.png”

  74. Hello austin,

    many compliments for your plugin, very cool.
    I am trying it in a XAMPP website and I was trying to add some javascript function inside JQuery box, like to remove the “Forgot your password?” link, but it didn’t worked…
    How should be initialized the function inside that JQuery box? I haven’t found anything referring to that…


    • Hello Luigino.

      The plugin auto generates the following:

      jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
      	/* Custom JS */

      You just need to output the jQuery code. Example: $('form').hide();.

  75. Great plugin but one “minor” problem.

    If you enter an incorrect login, you can’t read the error message. Shows up as a white box below the logo. Using WordPress 4 and the latest version of the plugin.

  76. Does anyone know how to customize the Submit button? To change the text and color of the button.

  77. The “lost password?” link is not available anymore, supposedly incompatibility caused by a wordpress update. Any chance you’ll solve this?

    • Which version of WordPress and which version of Custom Login are you running? Just so you know Custom Login doesn’t do anything with the lost password link.

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