Comment Validation Reloaded

Comment Validation Reloaded.

Error connecting to


  1. Hi Frosty,

    Your plugin did the trick, great.

    Just 1 question, I tried to modify the error messages, I assume it’s the file “validate.js”. See messages below:

    required: “This field is required.”,
    remote: “Please fix this field.”,
    email: “Please enter a valid email address.”,
    url: “Please enter a valid URL.”,

    But everytime I try to modify, it sticks 2 the old error messages. Or am I looking at the wrong area of your code?

  2. Hey man,
    Your plugin don’t expect that it could be translated because you use another javascript and it is dependent from it πŸ™ . Better for you to add customization for messages. Hope this will help.

  3. I seem to be doing something wrong, because after I installed and activated your plugin, WordPress just give me that annoying standard error page ( which for some reason always says i need to fill in Name allthough I filled it in ^^ )
    What could I be doing wrong ?

  4. Hi
    Same here, I add form ID/Class: comment-form but plugin don’t work.
    My comments.php code:

    post_password)) : ?>
    post_password) : ?>

    ‘ul’, ‘max_depth’ => 2, ‘avatar_size’ => 48 ) ); ?>

    Do I do something wrong?
    Or is a plugin issue?
    Thank you

  5. I cannot get this plugin to work. Is there anything I need to add to my single.php or comments.php file?

  6. Hi frosty
    I paste my code from comments.php:

    	post_password)) : ?>
    	    post_password) : ?>
    	 'ul', 'max_depth' => 2, 'avatar_size' => 48 ) ); ?>

    I tryed, “comments” and “comment-form” but it don’ t work.
    I use WordPress 3.1 is maybe the reason?

    • What’s your website? Or, what is the id or class of your contact <form>


      <form id="someid" class="someclass">
  7. Hi frosty
    These is my comments.php code:
    I try the ID=comment-form and ID=comments wihtout success.
    Could be the newer WordPress 3.1 the reason for the problem?
    Do your plugin works with WordPress 3.1?
    Here on WordPress Plugin Site only 1 user says that works with WordPress 3.1.
    Could be the problem because the theme I use have already a jquery validation integrated?
    Thank you for your effort in advance.

  8. hello i’ve updated the last version with my WP3.1 site and I get the following message in the frosty network dashboard widget :
    Warning: ….. /httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/comment-validation-reloaded/library/admin/cache/8a42b9825936779b780471a79361676a.spc is not writeable in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 1780

    I’ve search into my server and I did not find the /cache/8a42… file
    Is this message impact the plugin or is it just causing problems to the dashboard widget ?

    thanks for your advice.

    • This will not effect the plugin. Looks like a server problem with writing a cache file for the dashboard widget.

    • Seems to be working for me. But just to be sure, enter commentform in the settings page. That is your form ID.

  9. Hi frosty

    Sorry for my late respoond, thank you very much for your motivation. But it doesn’t work. I think it is a theme issue.
    Best regards and have a nice weekend

  10. Thanks for a useful plugin Frosty.

    I am having a small problem. My WordPress site is in Norwegian, and after updating to the latest version I get this message on top of my admin panel:

    “Please set your Language on the settings page for the script to translate proper.”

    In Avtivate Comment Validation Reloaded i have tried to enter NO (Norwegian) and saved, but message did not go away. Not even saving GB as language did remove the message.

    So where does Comment Validation want med to set the language?

    • In the input field type in your country’s two digit code, ie NO if that’s Norwegians country code.

      • Thanks for the reply Frosty.

        “NO” is the internet country code for Norway, but in WordPress they use “nb_no” and it is not possible to put that in the input field (in Comment Validation Reloaded admin panel) because it is limited to two letters…

          • Austin

            I have tried with “NO”, but I am still getting the message “Please set your Language on the settings page for the script to translate proper”.

            Also noticed that the new CVR have a conflict with the GetSocial plugin (may have something to do with the language setting?). I tried different version setting in CVR, cleaned the cache, logged out and in again, etc – no change.

            I have downgraded CVR and all is back to normal πŸ™‚

          • But it’s still translating? Looks like I’ve got a bug that will leave the admin notice up if WPLANG is defined. Will have to check into that a bit more.

  11. Hi,

    Is there an easier way to change the error messages and remove the error container than editing `comment-validation-reloaded.php` I can make it work this way but it means I have to redit the file with each upgrade.

    What I’m looking for is a hook/filter or translate file to do the trick.


      • Awesome I see the filter now can I bother you for a simple example on how to use it.?
        I know how to write a function and add the function the filter just not sure what to put into the function.

        • In your functions.php file, or ideally in your functionality plugin (giving a talk about this next moth at WordCamp Las Vegas) add:

          add_filter( 'cvr_required_fields_text', 'custom_cvr_required_text' );
          function custom_cvr_required_text() {
              return 'Fill in the fields or feel my wrath';

          You’ll have to wait for the 0.3.8 update today as I misspelled the filter text. Sending that in right now.

          • Cool, that still doesn’t fully solve my issue or customizing all the messages and removing the container completely. I think I’m gonna fork your awesome plugin to suite my needs πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Austin,

    I’m running WP 3.2 and your plugin seems to be tested even with 3.3 but when I install and activate it, it just doesn’t load anything. I already tested Jârns comment validation plugin before and there it always just loaded the css but no js. I also tried changing the version of validation js (1.7, 1.8, 1.9) but that helps nothing.

    I really need that plugin to work.

    Cheers Simon

  13. Thanks for a great plugin.

    I only had one request. Make it possible to add your own rules.
    For example if I want to block certain words.

    The problem I have:
    Since IE doesn’t support placeholders the placeholder is set as a value and the user can now post a comment where the username is “Name” and comment is “Your comment”.
    And I want to make so that these words are not accepted as name/comment and the user will get the default “fill in all fields” error.

    • Here is my quick and ugly little solution. πŸ™‚

      	jQuery.validator.addMethod('denyWords', function(value, element) {
      		if(value == '".getLang('Your comment')."' || value == '".getLang('Name')."' || value == '".getLang('E-mail')."') {
      			return this.optional(element);
      		} else {
      			return true;
      	}, 'Please fill out the required fields');

      (getLang is just a custom translator)

  14. It would be great if we can add specific class (or div class) to the validation messages (e.g. other than ‘.error’). At the moment they share the same class with the input fields.

    • Along with this, maybe just make it so we can enter custom javascript for validation (as an advanced option) I tend to to set the custom validation up a bit different than you but love having a plugin do all the hard work for me.

  15. Thanks for a useful plugin Frosty.

    I am having a small problem. My WordPress site is in french, and after updating to the latest version I get this message on top of my admin panel:

    Ò€œPlease set your Language on the settings page for the script to translate proper.Ò€

    david french

  16. Hi frosty,

    I’m building a photo website and I have created a page which contains several photos (in a list) and under each photo I have placed the commentform (of which the ID is #comment_form + the postID), so people can give their comment to each photo separately.

    But now your great plugin doesn’t function here, how can I get the validation to work in this (kind of) page(s)?

    Some of my code for this page looks like this:

                     -1, 'category' => 12, 'orderby' => 'post_date', 'order' => 'ASC', 'paged' => $paged,); // neg 1 means all posts 
                        $myposts = get_posts($args);
                        foreach($myposts as $post) :
                        <!--  -->
                        	<a class="show_comments" onclick="toggle_visibility(ID; ?>);">Click here to see the comments (), add a new comment or hide again 				the comments
                        <!--  -->
                        <div id="ID; ?>" class="show_comments_template" style="display: none;"> 

    In your Comment Form Option you can set the form ID/Class: (like) #comment_form

    Is there a way to concatenate the postID in here or can this (only) be done inside the php code of your plugin? If yes, how can I do this?


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