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It’s been awhile Florida

Well, not quite that long. I was in Florida this past December, but it was for work and I was in Ocala. Plus it was also about 40° out. Any way, I’ll be back in Florida in one week from…

View my online presentation for #wcphx

At this very moment I am at Sky Song in Phoenix Arizona. If you’re not in the room with me, you’ll have to check out the video presentation at a later date. For those that are and want to follow…

WordCamp Phoenix – last minute

Well it’s Tuesday night and in less than three days I’ll be at the SkySong in Scottsdale, AZ for the Friday Free classes during this years WordCamp Phoenix. I am real exited and nervous at the same time. I’ve got…

Prevent default link if href has a hash

I am working on a WordPress theme using custom taxonomies and custom post_types. One problem that I notice if you’ve allowed these to be registered to the navigation menu the archive or singular tax or type is still missing. For…

How to mod an Air Hogs A-10 Warthag

Yesterday I modified my Air Hogs A-10 Warthog by moving the battery back about 5 inches to create better weight distribution. Here are a few photos and a video on how to accomplish this.

First time in Portland

This was my first time visiting the lovely gray city. And I've taken some photo's, mostly on Monday the 20th of September after was finished and I had some time to walk the city.