Digital Data Cleanup

I have consolidated a lot of my websites onto my Linode server, and had just recently got all PHP apps updated to 8.2.

2023 has been a year of digital data cleanup. I have consolidated a lot of my websites onto my Linode server, and had just recently got all PHP apps updated to 8.2. Part of this cleanup involved migrating from an old dedicated server that is OS locked to Centos 6, which is now running a deprecated WHM version that was last updated in 2020.

All important apps were backed up, which is mostly database gzip exports, and wp-content zips. Some of the still active website apps as mentioned previously are now living on my Linode server which is managed by Serverpoliot.

I’ve also spend a few free weekends (since I’m not golfing as much) updating many of my PHP packages and WordPress plugins to only support PHP >= 8.0. Checkout my GitHub repositories for recently updated or my WordPress profile.

Developer Tools

I have also deprecated all my previous tools used to deploy these apps’ custom code. In many years past I was using DeployBot (which was sold around ~2018 and became unusable) then DeployHQ which made some free/premium changes around ~2022 and I think was also sold which made some of the integration services become degraded.

Before leaving Beachbody (again), I had been working on migrating our CI/CD pipeline to GitHub Actions, and upon joining Crain Communications in April have lead our WordPress projects in easily managing our CI pipeline via GitHub Actions. This had me ready to create a new deploy workflow in select repos so manage auto deploys and script management. Check out that post (coming soon)


I have always been a fan of Cloudflare. I have almost all my apps running DNS through them.

Part of my hesitation of website migration was due to webmail management for some legacy domain on my dedicated server. But with the introduction of email routing I was able to move these domain over and deprecate cpanel email management (which isn’t fun).

Anyone else running digital cleanup? What tools have you changed? What services have to migration too or from?


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