Announcing Rock N’ Rolla version 2 @fxthemes

Rock N' Rolla

Last week I transferred some themes, two to be exact from the domain over to where I’ve been listing the premium themes for sale. Along with the domain transfer the store front got a design overhaul including a responsive design!

Since Æ’xThemes got a fresh new look I thought I’d freshen up one of the two themes. Rock N’ Rolla, effectively known just as Rolla in version 1 was a custom theme I built for musicians and event venues. The first installment saw my first attempt at HTML5 for public consumption. Like most WordPress work I do, I try to keep the design simple fresh and limited on external images making use of CSS and its somewhat older browser incompatible younger sibling CSS3.

For the time being you can check out version 1 here (until I take down the site).

The Update

Three weeks ago I started what I thought to be a slight update the the theme. I was going to update the core framework to the current 1.2.1 from 1.0. Update some admin options like jQuery CDN hosted versions and some improved functions for the latest WordPress version 3.2 as well as the upcoming version 3.3.

The Overhaul

I am not sure at what point it all changed, but the small list of changes, maybe 15 turned into a final changlog of over 150 changes. Some of which I didn’t log and almost don’t remember. So, version 2 was born.

Even though the numerical version shows 0.2 It is still a major update to the theme. Some of the maor changes are as follows:

  • Update: Hybrid Core to version 1.2.1.
  • Complete overhaul of design and colors.
  • Changed folder name from rolla to rocknrolla.
  • Added new widgets, removed old widgets.
  • Removed Custom Post Type event in favor of The Events Calendar plugin.
  • Added HTML5 audio player: jPlayer requires javascript.
  • Removed 95% of options.
  • Theme updated and ready for WordPress 3.3.
  • Theme requires certain plugins (plugin installer included).
  • Added support for Crowd Favorites Post Formats UI plugin.
  • And much more..

So, don’t hesitate to visit the theme page, the demo page, or purchase the theme.

Bonus: If you tweet about the theme, you’ll get a discount on the price!


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