Installing WordPress on 1and1

So I just wanted to write a little about how easy it is to install WordPress on your own!

Okay, so first of all I am going to assume you have a hosting package, if not, I suggest 1and1. I have about 15 web sites registered with 1and1 and their prices are pretty awesome!

Now, there are two(2) ways to set up your WordPress blog…

Number One: Easiest
Lets say you get a hosting plan from 1and1. You opt for the $3.99 a month plan (1&1 Beginner).

Once your set up and your domain of choice is approved. You can log into your ADMIN panel

1and1 Login Control Panel

Once logged in, click on the appropriate package…

1and1 Package Control Panel

You will end up at your administration panel, where you should see a screen like the following…

1and1 Admin Control Panel

So scroll down if necessary, and click on the 1and1 Blog button, located under the Website Applications panel…


1and1 Click on BLOG

When you click on the the 1and1 Blog icon, you should be taken to two simple pages…

1and1 Create your BLOG1and1 Create your BLOG

And once past these, and accept the terms, choose the drop down for your domain, and name your blog (you can change this latter).

1and1 Setting on BLOG

Hit next, and all have left is enter your email of choice and and set up your password.
Your done! Thats it, did that seem like a lot, or did I put too many pictures.. Well anyway, thats the easy way, you don’t have to set up a MySQL database, it will do it for you.

I think I will save ‘Number two: Medium’ of this tutorial for another day…


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