I am currently escaping the heat in Santa Monica. So I headed towards warmer weather in the valley, but, my parents house has insulated walls and a huge A/C unit, not to mention the pool!

But besides the warm weather I was just messing around with my site, and noticed that my favicon had disappeared. I think when I updated the site in April I must have forgot to input the code which looks like this: <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/styles/thefrosty/images/favicon.ico" /> and my icon image into the new files and directory.

But no fear, I even did a new design which you can see above blown up, and at the top of the page… Oh, and if you don’t see it, than I suggest that you update your browser to more compliant Firefox, or even IE7. You can even be daring and go IE8 Beta!

You can easily convert a .gif .jpg or .png file into a .ico file as long as it adheres to the bi-cubic 16×16 pixel rule.

You can also head to favicon.cc and use the easy image drawer and export your .ico file.

For some reason my favicon is not showing up, I’m not sure of what the problem is. But besides that, I changed the icon to an animated .gif. Hopefully I’ll get it working today.

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  1. Hello there ,
    I was using the favicon generator tool you mentioned on your page here: austin.passy.co/2008/favicon/
    While favicon.cc does a good job, it doesn’t let you download various sizes for different platforms at the same time.
    After some exploring I found this other tool and I wanted to suggest you show it along that one.
    this tool allows you to create favicons from pictures that are up to 5 MB from either JPG, PNG or GIF or even from a gallery. It also lets you generate favicons for different screen sizes and resolutions at the same time.
    In hope I helped back,

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