Got two 4GB SDHC at Best Buy today for $30! Sad news is, my Canon Powershot wont accept SDHC cards, to new of a technology.. Time to buy a new one!

Heroes Season 3

I am a HUGE fan of comics and all the best Marvel movies! But I have been a fan of Heroes, well since the actors strike last year which cut the second season of the show from 24 episodes to…

Catching up

So since I have been bake there have been a lot of changes. Well I think I can go on for ever about what has and hasn’t changed. But I think I will just create a quick like for myself…

Top Google Search, Hebrew?

I was just checking my Inebriated Inc Blog, when the WordPress Stats plugin told me that the top recent searches where: boozer hangover “integrity spirits” reviews ?????? ?? ????? ?? I just thought that the Hebrew search was funny.. ??????…

Cabo San Lucas

Well it’s that time of the year, you know, “summer vacation” time. Yes, don’t be sad, I’ll only be gone for ten days. Off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! 🙂

Plugin Compatibility Issues

Everyone has plugins installed on there WordPress blog. And some people have so many that there are compatibility issues between them. Well I am sure that most of you won’t experience this, I just came across a known issue between…

The Big Blue Bird

I am now part of the ever growing and expanding Twitter revolution! So if you are a tweeter, you best head over and join me. I am going to look around for the best Twitter WordPress Plugin.