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Cruzer Micro

I also got a Cruzer Micro 8GB Flash Drive from Best Buy for $30, good bye to my Alienware 4GB flash drive!


Got two 4GB SDHC at Best Buy today for $30! Sad news is, my Canon Powershot wont accept SDHC cards, to new of a technology.. Time to buy a new one!

Reality Check

I have been in Mexico for 10 days, so I have to really focus on trying to get back to work..

Cabo San Lucas

Well it’s that time of the year, you know, “summer vacation” time. Yes, don’t be sad, I’ll only be gone for ten days. Off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! πŸ™‚

Small Claims Court

So I am going to court tomorrow morning to file my claim against my previous employer whom has not payed me for my work. Will see what happens..

The Dark Knight

I think you should go see the movie, but I am guessing by the numbers far surpassing $155 million that you probably already have, good! ..wait, how about on the IMAX? Sold out! Still? Yeah I haven’t either, soon enough!

Lake Havasu

Was there this morning, at 8am it was 100°s! So what to do? Lay in the water for 4 hours then drive home.

Busy Busy

I have been working on a couple big websites, and also re-designing my Inebriated site…

Holiday Weekend

What is everyone doing for the holiday weekend? I was supposed to go to Kings River and ‘float’, but that’s not working out?

Swizz Beatz

I had someone ask me what the song was on the show “So You Think You Can Dance” also known as “SYTYCD”. He was referring to Robert Muraines sick pop and lock dance to Swizz Beatz song “It Me”. Any…