Quoted from myself on June 16th 2002

Today I got a scanned copy of a entry I wrote into my senior yearbook. I was unaware I am so deep. I’d like to share this with you. (I didn’t change much in how I wrote it originally, so there may be some run on sentences. Lets just call it more of a poem.)

Was just told by Jeana, about the year. I graduated in 2001, but apparently wrote in my book about a year after I graduated, guess this isn’t a “graduation” quote to my self, just a plain one.

This is my note to you, never forget me, always remember who I am because at this moment right now, this moment in time; not five minutes ago not even 10 minutes, 5 days from “graduation”.

(remember those quotes, and always strive harder to rid life of those that are un-fun)

My mind is clear, my boat has just hit the break water and I am on my clear voyage into the sea – which way mothers waves will push, where the current might pull no one knows. All you carry with you is your lock box sealed with memories, look back and you may smile on those occasions that you appreciate life whether it be a sad memory, mad, scarred or loved. These are the days of your life: your teen age years only last so long – follow your heart, trust your instincts and follow that child in you. I believe open mindedness is the key to happiness – love comes in all forms.

I have recently met my challenge where normally I would surrender drop my guns and give up, heading home was not an option, though the war is long many battles have been victorious to my side, taking me one step closer to the goal, lusted and lost loved and gained.

I have learned my enemy’s while met my friends, learned my lesson and have cheated life but in the end I sit quietly reviewing this so called “life“. Well what more do I leave you with but my love.

Ok, 1…2…3… I LOVE YOU.

— Austin Passy


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