The Downside of some Networks

I recently met a really nice guy at the 2008 Blog World Expo; . And I thought it to be one of the best exhibits at the hall of 100+ exhibits….

But after careful examination and prodding by myself and Jeana ( @Jeana ( my GFreind ) )

We decided that although the site allowed both pictures and video, the fact that Jeana was spamed and hit with over 200+ hits of “Hey baby ( *in a deep scary voice [i can only imagine]) show me your tits! )

*Um… plus, not to mention, that there profile picture had a none other than fack picture of a huge co*k, i mean pe**$…??


I canceled as soon as she(Jeana) got a letter from some bitch stating, “you need to help us filter out these nice people”.

Any way,

I would rather have my Twitter + my TwipPic + my TwitVid!!!