Year 2008

After the Blog World Expo

I went to the Blog World Expo which was held in Las Vegas from the 19th-21st. I only made it to the last day. My morning started out at 4am at home, driving to pick my girlfriend up from work…

The Big Word Project

I just got a word, on the “Big Word Project”. What do you think it is? Well it’s not a very good one, but it is me :)!

Homestar Runner on Wii

Strong bad, a amazingly funny character from just got his own video game on the Wii console. Check out this funny video.

Google Chrome Browser

Well, I just downloaded the all might “Google” browser named “Chrome”. And it just happens that I am on the browser right now and posting this post from it. So far, its looks real light weight and might be a…

Critical Update for WordPress

And I just updated my site to version 2.6.1 like two days ago… But check out the info about 2.6.2 here, or below Stefan Esser recently warned developers of the dangers of SQL Column Truncation and the weakness of mt_rand().…

Hole in the Wall

Seriously the new FOX show “Hole in the Wall”, so funny. I couldn’t not stop laughing at it, but somehow I wish I could slip through a odd shaped hold for 25 thousand and a chance for 100 K.

No time for posts

I have been real busy, sick and on so many different WordPress installation lately… I have had no time for my own. And I even have some tutorials I have been meaning to start and some that need finishing.

DataBack Up

Good think I use two backup plugins for my site, I tried to install a new plugin, messed everything up! More on that later..