Nameless Axleback 

Install and photos of a Nameless Axleback 5" muffler on a 2015 WRX.

After months of owning my WRX, I finally couldn’t take not hearing my motor. Especially since my WRX has a turbo, and everyone knows that hearing a turbo spool up just makes the motor sound that much meaner.

After many subie meetups like SFV Subies (1 / 2), Subaru Summer Solstice and plenty of online forums I chose a Nameless Performance exhaust.

Now when I did my trunk swap the STi had a Nameless exhaust, so I did get an up-close experience. The STi had a the muffler delete option, and while it sounded good my last vehicle was loud enough. So I ordered the quietest Nameless option which was a 5″ muffler exhaust. I also chose to just order a nameless axleback since I upgraded to the 4″ offset tips and 5″ muffler I’ll get the rest of the turbo back exhaust in the coming months.



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