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💁🏽‍♂️ Husband to Jeana. ⚾️ Dodgers obsessed. 🏆 World Series Champs. 💻 Lead Software Engineer @ Beachbody. 🏌🏼‍♂️Scratch golfer. 🌱 Hydroponic Gardner. 🍿 Plex nerd. 🚙 '15 WRX & '66 Corvette C2. 🐶 Missing my love Keiki; RIP 😢. Follow me on Twitter @TheFrosty & Instagram @TheFrosty.

Lake Havasu

Was there this morning, at 8am it was 100°s! So what to do? Lay in the water for 4 hours then drive home.

Busy Busy

I have been working on a couple big websites, and also re-designing my Inebriated site…

Holiday Weekend

What is everyone doing for the holiday weekend? I was supposed to go to Kings River and ‘float’, but that’s not working out?


I am going to head into Century City tonight and see the movie before it opens. Well, I am sure a lot of people are going to do that, since LA is known for its midnight showing of movies the…

Tuna Stop Animation

I must have been really really bored one afternoon last week. Because I spent like 45 min making lunch, and this totally awesome stop animation video of the process, which would normally take about 10 minutes. My girlfriend was way…

Tonights LA Film Festival

I totally wish that I wasn’t going to work a party bus tonight, because Planet of the Apes is playing at the LA Film Festival for FREE tonight. It will be playing outside on a large projection and screen on…

Americas Best Dance Crew Season 2

Well apparently the show aired last Thursday the 12th of June, but MTV was promoting the season premier as this Thursday the 19th. And although yesterdays show was the premier there was stuff missing you didn’t know unless you watched…