How To Auto Mount a Network Share (Drobo FS) on Ubuntu

With the performance gains of running Plex Media Server via a network share (on our Drobo FS). The main hurdle I ran into is mounting a network share, is auto mount. Mac OSX and Windows really makes this stupid easy, but in Ubuntu, there is some config needed to auto mount a network share.

I’ve owned my Drobo for many years and have really enjoyed it.

Two or so years ago I turned my old Dell laptop into a Plex server after it blue screened and sat in my closet for ~4 years. I’ve also updated my apartment with flat cat 7 network cables along my floorboards to enjoy that 1 Gigabit network speed when using my NAS.

Auto Mount a Network Share (Drobo FS)

Anyway, I had to rebuild my laptop about six months ago and I was having issue force mounting the Drobo so that Ubuntu would see it. The first time I build the server I spent a whole day researching, but didn’t really document what I found and how to re-do it if I ever had too. It’s one of situations where you try to recall what search terms you used so you can find those same articles. After some time I found this: article by Logan Edwards. His steps worked as expected and all was good!

cifs needs ver to be explicitly passed

So last week I woke up when the power went out and I moved quickly to ensure that the Drobo was shutdown properly, only to find out that 80 minutes remaining on my CyberPower UPS really meant 8 minutes because it died and it shutoff πŸ™„. When the power came back on I tested everything and all was good, kinda. For some reason my server couldn’t detect the mounted drive. After going back and running Logans steps again I would get an error Host is down. So I went on the hunt and came across this serverfault thread that said a ver has to be explicitly passed to the cifs parameters.

Steps to auto-mount a network share (modified from

  1. Follow the steps here up until you open the file editor.
  2. You can still edit the file with the lines he provided, you just need to modify one parameter.


    $ //server.local/directory /mnt/shares/server cifs username=user,password=pass,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

    After: Notice the addition of ,vers=1.0 towards the end.

    $ //server.local/directory /mnt/shares/server cifs username=user,password=pass,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm,vers=1.0 0 0
  3. Finalize the steps via $ sudo mount -a and you should now see your drive.

Go forth and enjoy the newly mounted networked attached storage on Ubuntu.


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  1. Thanks, the vers override was what was keeping me frustrated.
    I finally looked in the syslog and realized what you were driving at.

    I appreciate you posting the info, thanks gain.


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