Home Grow Tent

I'm expanding my home garden with a grow tent and custom home built hydroponics deep water culture grown bin.

Post on my custom Hydroponics bin build coming soon

In September of 2014 I decided to upgrade my Aerogarden. What that entailed I had no idea at the time, but I know I needed more space for more plants.

With a tent I could put all the lights I want in and zip it closed when I want zero light pollution.

This sent me on a long journey of watching videos and planing my new home made hydroponics garden. Step one was figuring out my grow room. Since I’m in an apartment, I’ve got limited space which had me looking on ebay for a pre-made home grow tent.

Another reason for a pre-made or a grow tent is to keep light pollution out of the living space. Since my Aerogarden sat in my kitchen in my old apartment and now was in my dining room, the ~12 hour light cycle would shine throughout the living space. With a tent I could put all the lights I want in and zip it closed when I want zero light pollution.

The Home Grow Tent

Home Grow Tent I ended up purchasing this 36″x20″x62″ Reflective Diamond Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent for around $70. Its a good size for tall vegetation and is wide enough for my grow box and my Aerogarden to sit in sideways.

Grow Tent Setup

Putting the tent together was quite easy, if you’ve put a camping tent together then you can put the grow tent together. The metal arms slide over each other and the pins snap them together.

I also purchased two White LED Grow Light Panels each rated at 36 watts.

Home Grow Tent w/ Custom Hydroponics Bin & Aerogarden

Here is what it looked like when I completed my custom hydroponics grow bin and started with clones from a previous grow in my Aerogarden which is sitting right of the new bin in the tent.


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