Native WordPress Loading GIFs

Full list of native WordPress loading GIFs as of WordPress 4.0.

When building a WordPress plugin or theme that uses AJAX or some form of loading icon why not use what is built in? The native WordPress loading GIFs.

Native WordPress Loading GIFs as of 4.0

    /wp-admin/images/spinner-2x.gif & /wp-includes/images/spinner-2x.gif

    /wp-admin/images/wpspin_light-2x.gif & /wp-includes/images/wpspin_light-2x.gif


    /wp-admin/images/spinner.gif & /wp-includes/images/spinner.gif

    /wp-admin/images/wpspin_light.gif & /wp-includes/images/wpspin_light.gif




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  1. hey there frosty, I was just looking for the url for the spinner gif and landed here. Just thought I’d say thanks && hello!

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