How the West Was Won

"Super-Bat-Captain-America," That's what we think of the NL M-V-P Clayton Kershaw, and if anyone asks "How the West Was Won", Kershaw is the answer.

What an incredible season it has been. Seeing the Dodgers win last night at the ravine was amazing. I’ve only been a season ticket holder for three years and the Dodgers have won two National League Division titles, back-to-back of coarse.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw
Clayton Kershaw

If we’re looking at “How the West Was Won”, Clayton Kershaw would be the answer to the question. There has to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Clayton Kershaw is going to be is the NL MPV.

By finishing at 1.77, Kershaw became the first player to win four consecutive Major League ERA titles. His ERA is the lowest by any qualifying pitcher since Pedro Martinez posted a 1.74 mark for Boston in 2000, and it is the eighth-lowest ERA by any qualifier since 1969, when the mound was lowered.

At 21-3, Kershaw, who captured his last seven starts, equaled his career high in wins and became the first pitcher to win 21 games in as few as 27 starts since at least 1901. He also finished the season with the second-highest winning percentage in Dodgers history, behind Preacher Roe.

“Super-Bat-Captain-America,” said teammate Josh Beckett. “Is there anything he can’t do?”
Dodgers best of the West thanks to Kershaw, Puig

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Playoffs and beyond

Here is hoping that we carry this celebration until the end of October and win the World Series. I’ll be there routing!

Thank you Dodgers for a memorable 2014 season.

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