WordCamp SF overview day one

WordCamp SF 2011 overview day one.

BuddyPress: 9:40am

John James Jacoby is on stage opening up WordCamp development day downstairs with BuddyPress and what’s new in BP 1.5.

What’s exiting? A new default BuddyPress theme with more AJAX’y.

How is BuddyPress used?

  • internal Intranet at Automattic.
  • School internal use.
  • Just set up for profiles.

Web fonts for developers: 10:01am

Greg Veen is talking about fonts on the web and is the co-founder of Typekit.

Bleeding Cowboys, is Greg’s favorite font.

Scaling, Servers, and Deploys. A session that might go over my head: 10:45am

Mark Jaquith is talking scales.

What is Cowboy Coding? deploying on live servers

Deploying with Capistrano, and build everything local. Something I kind of do, but need to SVN or GIT WP with the theme and plugins installed.

Further posts coming in the future via posts to continue the conversation. I am assuming on his personal site or on mark.wordpress.com. Exiting.

Taking a break from the next session, then lunch.

Updating in progress..

Will be writing on the WPCandy Liveblog.


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