Fix: Dreamweaver crashes at startup

Okay, right now I am completely baffled on why Dreamweaver crashes on startup. I came across these two articles: One at Mike and the second a link from Mike’s site to David Powers comment on Google Groups.

Dreamweaver crashes on startup..

photo by: Mike Padgett

And something so small that I never thought it to be possible fixed a problem that I have now received twice! Dreamweaver has crashed and wouldn’t start up again! And hear I thought that my computer, or Vista was too blame!

The last time which was a few weeks ago, I thought the only way to fix the problem was to wipe the hard drive and reinstall my whole computer, CRAP!

I could have fixed it with these simple instructions: find the last file your were editing and add a few lines of code and ALL IS GOOD!

I am currently running Dreamweaver CS3 version 9.0 Build 3481, and it worked for me!