Exercise for the geek in LA, try Midnight Ridazz

As many of you, I find myself sitting, sitting and sitting more and more at my computer staring at the screen writing PHP code, designing in Photoshop and the list goes on…

Riding her pink "Nirve" bike Well last year I bough Jeana and myself some really sweet beach cruisers from Cynergy Cycles. And while we made it out quite a few times, it wasn’t enough for me. So I did some research and found there were a slew of bike groups in the LA area.

Well once again more time passed and now where at the end, or rather the start of winter, and I am about to get back into the swing of bike riding. I got my ass up and rode my cruiser to the closest REI and bought some night riding lights, so I am now ready.


Yes, if you interested in getting off your ass for a change, check out this website: midnightridazz.com. A great source for local gatherings of people riding there bikes around the greater LA area.

The Midnight Ridazz is formally described as a group of bicycle enthusiasts who have been riding together on the second Friday of every month since February of 2004. Originally conceived and founded by SKULL and lovingly cared for by MABELL, MUFF and a small group of planners and care takers, the rides quickly grew from the original 8 “Mammas and Papas” to current ride counts of 1300+ Ridazz.

Don’t get it?

If you check out the website, you’ll notice there’s a bike meet for all types. From small gathering of just beach rides to the semi informal get dresses bar hopping party bike rides.

I myself haven’t attended one, yet. But there is a event coming up Wednesday night I am going to try and attend! It’s a 15 mile ride from Santa Monica to Venice to Culver City and back :O.


Check out this Yelp event for rides in Downtown.

If you are interested, let me know and we can meet at one of these events and possibly make some sore of photowalkride out of it! And I promise coverage of your pictures on my photo blog.


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