Blogging and more in Las Vegas

Sitting in my hotel room, and many, if not all of the bloggers that came to Vegas from out of town have gone home. But I’ve got my room for one extra night, trying to avoid the traffic driving back home to Los Angeles.

I just wanted to thank a few people for the invite out to this years Blog World. First off Jim Turner who put on BWE this year, John Hawkins who helped run WordCamp in side BWE, Shayne Sanderson for sitting in on my Genius Bar session on Sunday while I was, um, playing. You may recognize all three of them, because I had them speak at this years WordCampLA.

While most of my photo’s I took are up on Flickr, I will attach my favorite shots in this post.

I’d also like to thank SceneIt, for posting this question, and for Jeana following and knowing the answer and sending me to get the prize!

I think that’s all for now..

Enjoy my favorite’s from the gallery

Enjoy Aaron’s on stage karaoke experience

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