Annoyance: 1and1 shared hosting

In a follow up to “WordPress fatal error” I now know one of the THE MAIN problems!

My current previus host: 1and1, stated this:

Due to resource limits on our Shared Hosting machines, it is not possible to allocate more than 20M of memory to PHP, although phpinfo() may report a higher number. You will be unable to increase the memory usage limit with a php.ini file.

What does that mean? What kinda crap is that?

phpinfo MAY show more, but we really mean NOT!
phpinfo MAY show more, but we really mean NOT!

So, I may be moving over my personal sites ( which is about 10 ) to another host which doesn’t restrict my memory_limit to 20M. Because I can’t upload one photo over 1600×1200, that’s crap!

Hey 1and1, do something about this?

Original link @ 1and1


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  1. This isn’t a problem. Just add a file called php.ini to your main folder for the wordpress install and put memory_limit = 20M in it. Then in wp-settings.php change define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’32M’); to define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’20M’);
    Good luck!

    • Thanks, but 1and1 caps there PHP memory limit, so even an ini file can’t overwrite it in a shard host environment.

  2. As of September 2010 1and1 have (without telling their customers) reduced their already puny shared hosing memory limit to a laughable 12Mb! And that’s what they call a “Professional” hosting package – ha ha ha. Just don’t trust 1and1!

  3. I found this site while looking for a way to increase mem limit for my 1and1 shared hosting.

    I just want to point out that the information in this blog post is outdated. I just uploaded a phpinfo file and the memory limit is set to 90Mb. I’m pretty sure this is something new because I received an email from them saying they will roll out bunch of upgrades by May 1, 2011 so the information on their faq page may be out of date.
    Also a good tool for handling large image files is ImageMagick. I’m uploading images directly to my site from my 12 mega pixel digital camera. First you need to do an SSH install of ImageMagick binary and then install the ImageMagick plugin
    Anyway, I hope this helps.

  4. 1&1’s new hosting packages (Advance package) offers as much as 128MB on the PHP memory limit!

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