GoCodes “A TinyURL Plugin”

The service TinyURL is a pretty widely used service. It has the redirection power for those long and nasty url's. Lets say for example I had a post or page that I wanted to refer someone I didn’t know, or even a friend to “The Coolest Post Ever!” Which in this case doesn’t exist, so I will give it a fake but long url. example: http://austin.passy.co/wordpress/how-to-get-traffic/ the-coolest-post-ever/?page=2. Yeah… I don’t think my friend Bob is going to remember that to type in his web browser.

What do I suggest, well I spent some time looking for a redirect service, and I wasn’t a fan of using an outside source. I don’t want to send people to another site just to shorten my links. So TinyURL was out of the question.

I did however come across a PHP source code that worked off a .htaccess file and MySQL called Shorty. How ever that service was old, outdated and didn’t work well with WordPress installed. Once removed I went looking and came across a WordPress Plugin which I am now using!

GoCodes seems to have exactly what I was looking for. All of those long URLs have been shortened to something like this: http://austin.passy.co/go/AnyText. Installation was simple and the admin interface is easy to use! So if you would like a more personal URL redirector, check out this Plugin!


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