Dead Kennedy

Tonight, June 6th, at the House of Blues, I am going to see the Dead Kennedy’s! If you haven’t heard them, then I am going to fully assume that you were never into the punk scene. I got into the Dead Kennedy’s in high school, and still put on one of there album from the 80’s every so often.

I know I wasn’t able to see the band perform live before they split up in the late 80’s. And it won’t be the same without the one and only original singer Jello Biafra! But since his departure of the band in 1986 he has his own “spoken word” albums and was at a disagreement with the rest of the members over music rights and won’t join them again.

So for know we will enjoy the new lead singer of the band who happend to join up just this year, Ron “Skip” Greer the former vocalist of Easy Bay pop punk outfit The Wynona Riders

Update – 6/12/08

I was totally denied access into the House of Blues with a camera. Bastards!

Alright, so after hearing the opening song, I wasn’t much impressed by the new singer, but after the third song I think he did a good job. Now in no way would he ever be as good or replace Jello, but I never have seen the band live, though I don’t really consider what I saw the true “Dead Kennedys”. It was enjoyable to see two of the original members all old playing 80’s punk!

So keep rockin’ but bring back Jello, and I will be there again!


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